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We are looking for volunteers at all levels to assist with our grand vision to connect clinical research professionals one to another to discover new ways to be extraordinary!

My name is Nadia, and I invite YOU.

We want to ensure the GCP Cafe platform has network effects: the more community-sourced contributions in the platform, the more clinical researchers will invest in it, engage, and download resources.

The more clinical researchers supporting the platform, the more #clindividual creators will produce engaging new content and spread ideas. GCP Cafe is a book, an open online group, a podcast, and a platform for helping average clinical researchers become extraordinary.

Volunteers are our backbone

Here, we invite you to develop new and interesting personal connections.

Your volunteer experience at GCP Cafe sets you apart from your peers in the industry. We are recruiting now for the curious and the tenacious. Join the collective group of volunteers and ambassadors today!

Effectively collaborate with and enrich others as an ambassador for clinical research, and contribute to the development of a more open, effective, and sustainable industry.

What can you expect when you join us?

  • Connecting with new people
  • Discovering new solutions
  • Exchanging new ideas

You can volunteer in any capacity from a few hours per month to our weekly activities. There is always something going on and lots of exciting projects.

What are some main volunteer opportunities?

  • Operations, Meetings, and Volunteer Oversight
  • Leveraging analytics to inform decision making and future direction
  • Guidelines, Communication Plan, and processes for interacting with the GCP Cafe community members
  • Content production and distribution activities
  • Developing training materials
  • Updating the GCP Cafe platform and website
Volunteering is as easy as 1-2-3

Looking to get involved with our community?

Contact our team and share how you would like to get involved with our mission!

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