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Be a Clindividual and be the most effective clinical researcher.

Hi, my name is Nadia, the founder and chief connector for GCP Cafe. 10 years ago I started a blog to document my adventures as a Clinical Research Associate. Now, I’m delivering this freshman-effort for Fiona as advice to my 30 year old self. It is many of the hard-earned lessons I wish I had known back then.

I want to shake Fiona by her shoulders and yell, “Know your worth!” I want to tell her to keep her chin up and just soldier on. As clinical researchers, we have an amazing job. Take a step back once in a while and look at what you've accomplished and be grateful.

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I appreciate that you are interested in reading Fiona’s story. In a highly-regulated industry, I can’t underscore the importance of being yourself and getting connected.

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