The Lead CRA Interview with an Independent CRA

Annmarie loves boating on lake michigan when she is not busy as a CRA

An Interview with an Independent CRA The Lead CRA asks: Annmarie, when you show up on site you always have your objectives planned out. What kind of prep work do you complete prior to visiting a clinical site for the first time? Annmarie: I send a detailed confirmation letter indicating my goals and expectations. So that…

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You are The Lead CRA: Five Years Later and a New Blog Format

Somehow I managed to completely miss my blog anniversary…by a long shot.  I’ve been the Lead CRA author for over five years and thanks to your collective 250,000+ visits the project has been a personal success and very rewarding.  In October of 2007 I started the blog as a place to catalog my adventures in…

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What is a Clinical Operations Toolkit?

Combining ability, character, and training into a toolkit allows clinical research professionals to problem-solve on the fly

Combining ability, character, and training into a toolkit allows clinical research professionals to problem-solve on the fly and provide quality support for challenging and complex studies.  Administrative skills, interpersonal techniques, intellect, personality, and technical skills all improve with depth of experience.  A little humility helps, too.  As with any individual tool or group of gizmos,…

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Vacation Photos

The Lead CRA visits Schönbrunn Palace

I’ve just returned from a restful vacation in Vienna and Budapest.  I posted some photos here to share. Schönbrunn Palace was really beautiful! Budapest, Hungary Vienna, Austria I’m planning a few more clinical research related blog posts before the end of the year.  This has been an extremely rewarding year at work and we have been…

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ACRP 2012 Global Conference in Houston, TX

Association of Clinical Research Professionals - ACRP

I received a mailer the other day with program details for the ACRP 2012 Global Conference.  I am on the ACRP mailing list but I have never attended the conference before.  This year it is being held in TX April 14-17.  There are a handful of sessions I would be interested in and I think…

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ACRP The Monitor Magazine

The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) has a very active chapter in San Francisco, California.  When I first moved to California and wanted to become a CRA, the local chapter assisted me with some helpful connections and networking opportunities.  I learned about a clinical research certificate program through a local university, attended seminars on clinical research topics…

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5 Career Tips for a Young CRA

Nurture and grow your career

I came across a fun little article on biospace that offers career advice: 5 ways to be a rockstar at work (via Biospace). This post echoes the format of that article and I hope you will find it interesting and leave me a comment or email some feedback. Although I have transitioned to in-house, the…

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Summer Vacation

Lead CRA visit to Yunnan province Dali China

I hope everyone has exciting plans for the summer or at least a plan to beat the heat.  Temperatures in San Francisco were almost 75 degrees Fahrenheit this week.  I don’t have air conditioning and my home is in the upper level of a beautiful Edwardian building…at the top of four flights of stairs, this has been…

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Lead CRA Q&A: What makes a good CTA?

I want to be the best clinical trials assistant ever

Anonymous said… I want to be the best CTA possible, with the opportunity to become a CRA. As a Lead CRA, what qualities do you look for in a CTA? APRIL 12, 2010 2:38 PM The Lead CRA responds… Thanks for another great question.  You know what the problem is with all of my favorite Clinical…

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Traveling with your Boss

Consider this when traveling with your boss So I am working on a new trial and I’ve been on 10+ trips in the last month accompanying my boss.  We’ve been traveling domestically and initiating our study sites.  I’ve enjoyed getting to know my boss outside of the office and we’ve had some memorable trips and…

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