How do you build meaningful relationships with your network?

Cultivating Meaningful Relationships Support from my network makes me more successful I’m so grateful for meaningful relationships with like-minded people who believe in me. When I am stuck or need help I can always find someone who not only understands my needs but wants to help me overcome obstacles and achieve more. As I have…

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Another ClinOps New Year

Happy ClinOps New Year! Last year I migrated over the Lead CRA blog into a new home here at ClinOps Toolkit.  I appreciate your support and for filling 2013 with such wonderful conversation.  Many of you have already subscribed for regular updates – thank you! Here is a link to the recap of one of my…

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Year End Evaluation and Goal Setting Session with Real Staffing

What went well for your Clinical Operations team in 2013? What is on tap for next year? The December ClinOps Toolkit event in downtown San Francisco was attended by a mix of pharmaceutical, medical device, and CRO clinical professionals interested in clinical operations goal setting.  This discussion centered around a year-end retrospective of 2013.  Todd…

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Clinical Research Careers – a November Networking Event for ClinOps Toolkit

Let the networking event begin

The ClinOps Toolkit Networking Group met again on 11/14/13 for Clinical Research Careers Last week I co-hosted the ‘Careers in Clinical Research‘ event with ClinOps Toolkit partner, Edge Alliance.  Thank you again to our sponsor and all the attendees for an evening filled with valuable clinical research career advice and great networking and conversation.  I…

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Join us 11/14 in Los Gatos for ClinOps Career Chat #opscareer

I’m looking forward to the ClinOps Toolkit meetup this Thursday, November 14th. Edge Alliance is hosting the ‘Careers in Clinical Research’ for us in Los Gatos, California. Networking starts at 6 and then my buddy, Maurice Little will give a 3-part talk at 6:45 with advice for excelling in your current career, tips for those…

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Virtual CRA Meetings: Promoting Discussion rather than Radio Silence

Be a fly on the wall during a very productive meeting

Have you ever attended a CRA call where the Lead CRA or Project Manager talks and the CRAs just listen? Following each meeting topic, there may be a general “any questions?” inserted but the question is often followed by silence. Ineffective meetings are frustrating for all parties. The Lead CRA cannot control distractions that may…

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Nail in the Tire

Just As I was Getting Started Last week when I set out for work I realized there was a nail in my car’s tire. I discovered this first thing Monday morning; what a terrible way to start the week.  My car doesn’t actually come with a spare tire so, late to work and unable to…

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Do you know a CRA Rockstar, a Super Study Coordinator, or an excellent PM?

Pharmatimes US Clinical Researcher of The Year

Tell Them About the US Clinical Researcher of The Year Competition The US Clinical Researcher of the Year competition has been accepting nominations since March.  They will continue to accept nominations until September, but why wait?  Nominate someone today who works hard in Clinical Research and deserves to be recognized.  There are separate categories of awards…

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I should have gone to DIA (Part II) #DIA2013

Regrettably, I’m not in Boston for the DIA Conference This year I missed out on the Drug Information Association (DIA) conference but hopefully I can attend in 2014.  The fact that I am not attending didn’t stop me from browsing the conference schedule for the DIA 2013 49th Annual Meeting.  Yesterday, I posted a list of…

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I should have gone to DIA #DIA2013

New Blog series: The Buzz [box style=”4″ close_btn=”true”] “The Buzz“:  Breaking News, Industry Trends, and Editorials. Plus, regular updates on what I am reading, listening to, or learning about next. [/box] Each year in my professional development goals I try to identify at least one industry conference to attend, choose job-related books, podcasts, and webinars…

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