7 Steps to a Simply Awesome LinkedIn Profile

7 Steps to a Simply Awesome LinkedIn Profile You hand your business card to a new contact at a networking event and immediately, anxiety washes over you. What if they visit my LinkedIn profile to connect? It is so boring. So embarrassing. So disorganized. Fear not, Clindividual, my entire goal for GCP Cafe is to…

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Navigating your Path to a Clinical Operations Career

navigating the path to clinical operations career

Transitioning into a Career in Clinical Trial Management (Sponsor) Before I started my career in clinical operations, I was a technician on a production floor manufacturing oncology drugs. I had an unrelated job, and I eventually was able to transition into a clinical operations career at a pharmaceutical company. I needed to identify whether I…

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Every ClinOps Professional Needs to Develop a Social Media Circle

[box style=”0″] Meet Laurie Meehan. Laurie Meehan is the Social Media Manager for Polaris Compliance Consultants.  She produces content for her company blog, newsletter, and the web. Laurie regularly interacts with clinical research industry insiders on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. [/box] Laurie Meehan has demonstrated prowess navigating the murky waters of social media. She…

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Enrich your ClinOps career through volunteering

Clinops toolkit volunteers at camp okizu

A Weekend to Remember and a Tradition in the Works In April, I drove up to Butte County, a 3.5 hour drive to the picturesque location of Camp Okizu, a childhood cancer camp for families. I spent the weekend with another 30+ individuals all committed to preparing the camp for the upcoming Onc Weekend. The…

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How do I manage millennial employees in clinical operations?

Millennials (born between 1981 and 2000) will make up 75% of the work force within the next 10 years. Millennials are able to amplify their ideas and values (with social media, confidence, brand prowess, etc.). Already, millennials have achieved Senior Management positions and their presence has impacted corporate culture. And they get a bad rap.…

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What does a lead CRA look like?

Lead cra at clinops toolkit

A lead CRA on Day 1 I was 27 years old when I walked in to the Clinical Research Associate (CRA) training room at my first Contract Research Organization (CRO) job. I’d flown in the day before, a 6-hour flight and then a chatty cab-ride along the waterfront. I’d barely slept. I was jittery. There…

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How to Network with ClinOps Toolkit

ClinOps Toolkit LinkedIn Group is great

ClinOps Toolkit Grows Again! We’re building a community for established clinical research professionals to meetup, share best practices for managing clinical trials, and voice issues and concerns from the everyday (or not so everyday) challenges in clinical trial operations. What’s in your ClinOps Toolkit? What skills do you need to focus and grow? If you…

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Have you met Daron Scott?

Meet Daron. Daron Scott, Senior Contributor – ClinOps Toolkit What gets measured gets managed. ~ Peter Drucker Mr. Consistency I am lucky to call Daron the original ClinOps Toolkit Volunteer Contributor and also my friend.  Daron is not Mr. Agreeable, or Mr. Social-Hour, or Mr. TellMeAboutYourFeelings, but he is absolutely Mr. Consistency.  His personality, difficult…

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4 things that Inhibit our Communication

Every CRA job description lists excellent communication skills — but how often do we think about what that means? The CRA role is task oriented and technical, however if you have poor communication skills you will be far a less effective CRA. This is a brief look at some of things that inhibit communication. Lack of clear…

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CRA Superhero

[box style=”4″] The CRA Superhero uses her special powers to ensure patient safety tirelessly defending the integrity of all data governed by GCP and fueled by espresso and sugar leaping over towers of CRFs cleaning up oceans of data helping all the poor, tired, and defenseless study coordinators to click click click and solve all…

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