Holiday Gift Guide for Clinical Researchers

Holiday Gift Guide list

‘Tis the season once again! It’s time to start thinking up cool gift ideas for your clinical researcher friends and colleagues! … Are you stumped? Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite product picks that are perfect accessories for the CR life. I lovingly curated everything on this list and each item is below $40.…

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7 Steps to a Simply Awesome LinkedIn Profile

7 Steps to a Simply Awesome LinkedIn Profile You hand your business card to a new contact at a networking event and immediately, anxiety washes over you. What if they visit my LinkedIn profile to connect? It is so boring. So embarrassing. So disorganized. Fear not, Clindividual, my entire goal for GCP Cafe is to…

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Navigating your Path to a Clinical Operations Career

navigating the path to clinical operations career

Transitioning into a Career in Clinical Trial Management (Sponsor) Before I started my career in clinical operations, I was a technician on a production floor manufacturing oncology drugs. I had an unrelated job, and I eventually was able to transition into a clinical operations career at a pharmaceutical company. I needed to identify whether I…

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What is Clinical Operations?

What is ClinOps? In Clinical Operations, a clinical project team contributes to and supports a organization’s research and development program in order to advance new investigational drugs/devices to commercialization. ClinOps delivers an inspection-ready dataset and complete documentation of the clinical activities that can support an NDA/PMA. Core Competencies in a Clinical Operations Professional A background…

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Advice for Site Monitor Visits Every Clinical Research Coordinator Should Know

As a clinical study coordinator, what should I do before a Clinical Research Associate (my CRA) arrives for monitoring? Planning Prior to Monitoring Visit (MV) Schedule a mutually convenient date and time to conduct the MV with the CRA, assuring the availability of study team as required Collate the study subject files, Screen Fail subject…

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How may we help you clinical researcher?

Vote in the poll and tell us what new content you are wishing for from ClinOps Toolkit Clinical researcher, your vote matters! What would you like more of from ClinOps Toolkit in 2017? created by Poll

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Clinical Research Reading List – Summer 2017

What are you reading this summer clinical researchers?

Top 10 Recommendations for Summer Reading and Surfing How will you pass the time between the Clinops Café series of online meetups? Here are recommended books, videos, podcasts, and articles to spark your clinical research creativity all summer long! Summer is calling me louder than anyone this year. It’s been a particularly wet year in…

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Jennifer Brandl | ClinOps Toolkit Collective Volunteer

Jennifer is Our Operations Specialist Jennifer is a Wisconsin native who has called San Francisco home for over 5 years. An experienced immunology researcher, Jennifer moved into the role of Associate Manager in Clinical Trials Management a few years ago. She is a tireless evangelist with over 10+ years experience in the quest to develop…

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Every ClinOps Professional Needs to Develop a Social Media Circle

[box style=”0″] Meet Laurie Meehan. Laurie Meehan is the Social Media Manager for Polaris Compliance Consultants.  She produces content for her company blog, newsletter, and the web. Laurie regularly interacts with clinical research industry insiders on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. [/box] Laurie Meehan has demonstrated prowess navigating the murky waters of social media. She…

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Enrich your ClinOps career through volunteering

Clinops toolkit volunteers at camp okizu

A Weekend to Remember and a Tradition in the Works In April, I drove up to Butte County, a 3.5 hour drive to the picturesque location of Camp Okizu, a childhood cancer camp for families. I spent the weekend with another 30+ individuals all committed to preparing the camp for the upcoming Onc Weekend. The…

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