Virtual CRA Meetings: Promoting Discussion rather than Radio Silence

Be a fly on the wall during a very productive meeting

Have you ever attended a CRA call where the Lead CRA or Project Manager talks and the CRAs just listen? Following each meeting topic, there may be a general “any questions?” inserted but the question is often followed by silence. Ineffective meetings are frustrating for all parties. The Lead CRA cannot control distractions that may…

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Virtual Meetings with Your Remote CRAs

Luizinha Monteiro

Luizinha Monteiro is a Sr. Clinical Research Associate living in Oakland, California.  Luizinha has nearly 10 years experience monitoring clinical drug trials. Prior to her transition to a CRA, Luizinha worked as a clinical research study coordinator for more than 5 years. Her valuable perspective as a coordinator and broad therapeutic experience make her uniquely…

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