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GCP Cafe is an online community serving, clinical researchers around the world. Our mission is to connect clinical researchers everywhere in peer-networks where they truly become extraordinary, confident, top-performers. We call this being a Clindividual.

Clinical Research Insiders GCP Cafe group is a free and open for all clinical researchers (with over 3000 members in just our first year!).


You’re the full package. You are extraordinary. You’re equipped with the capacity to share all of that knowledge and all of those skills with your peers.

What do you wish you knew about your job when you first started out?

Who has the most awesome job in the world?

If you are a clinical researcher then you have a pretty awesome job! Dedicating your career to developing new drugs and devices is truly rewarding work. When you love your work and embrace the #CRAlifestyle then there is no obstacle you can’t overcome.

Connecting and networking makes the everyday (and not so ordinary!) challenges easier. When I connect to others, I am a more effective #clindividual - join me!

How will you make a bigger impact in 2018?

The Clinical Research Insider’s Exchange group by GCP Cafe is purpose-built for thought leaders, subject matter experts, and all qualified clinical researchers to engage in conversation and achieve a creative outlet. Please connect with the community and me in the Facebook Group.

Thank you again for your support and participation of GCP Cafe and a connected clinical researcher community!

Here's what our members are saying...

Meet Nadia

I value the pursuit of knowledge and I'm not afraid to grow and try new things; I'm only afraid of standing still.

I value having access to other’s knowledge and I’m a super-connector. I build networks for connecting clinical researchers one to another.

My goal is to use what I have to effectively collaborate with and enrich others. I get to do this. It is my privilege to do this. I am intensely grateful for this platform, my voice, and your attention.

A special thanks to YOU

Are you ready to meet some extraordinary clinical researchers?

We get to do this work. This can be isolating work. There is no requirement that you do this work alone.

Regardless of how you arrived here, if you work in the industry, you are welcome in the clinical research insider’s exchange. Every single #clindividual is invited to our connected community.

I know that as a collective we will do extraordinary things. I hope you will follow along on LinkedIn and that you will show up as a leader in our clinical research community.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How can I help GCP Cafe?"

Are you considering getting more involved in our connected clinical researcher community? Do you have questions I can answer? Here are some of the most common questions people ask me about GCP Cafe when I ask them to help.

"Are you running a business?"

I have been working for years with a team of volunteers to build your online space for connecting, exchange, and discovering exciting new ways to be effective in clinical trial oversight.

I have created this platform on my own time, at my own expense, and I am so extremely grateful for your support along the way. Think of GCP Cafe as a professional fraternity. Think of it as a spot for connecting with your peers.

Think of it as a place to let your hair down and share your struggles.

Think of it as a way to look for solutions.

Please don’t think of it as a business. I consider GCP Cafe to exclusively be a very rewarding passion project.

"Are you a recruiter?"

I am not a recruiter.

I am a #clindividual that believes connection is everything. I truly believe that every process and thought is better through exchange.

Thank you for being a part of the GCP Cafe community. I am passionate about finding efficiency in drug development and I am so glad that you are along for the journey and sharing your experiences with all of us.

"Are you a superhero?"

Stop stop. You're flattering me. I'm no superhero (or am I?), but I do have an amazing team of volunteers that support me in everything we produce for you!

"Are you serious right now?"

Seriously, I’m the founder of the GCP Cafe community and I work in Clinical Operations as a Clinical Trials Manager.

I’m also just a girl, connecting with other clinical researchers, asking them to join in exchange with one another.

Let’s not complicate things. It doesn’t matter if groups of clinical researchers live and work in totally different locations.

We all have a shared purpose, too.

Regardless of our title, status, salary, or position we all want to improve the lives of people around the world by helping provide access to transformative medicines, medical devices, and other important new therapies.

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