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ClinOps Toolkit LinkedIn Group is great

ClinOps Toolkit Grows Again!

We’re building a community for established clinical research professionals to meetup, share best practices for managing clinical trials, and voice issues and concerns from the everyday (or not so everyday) challenges in clinical trial operations.

ClinOps Toolkit believes in networking and discussionWhat’s in your ClinOps Toolkit?

What skills do you need to focus and grow? If you love collaborating and exchanging ideas; if you’re following healthcare industry trends; if you’re geeking out on data/metrics, the quantified self, and healthcare informatics; if you’re time-bankrupt but hoping to get more organized; or if you just have passion about pharmaceutical/device development and are looking to have fun, then this group is definitely for you.

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If networking on the internet is your thing…

We are so excited to announce that we achieved the major milestone of 1000 LinkedIn members in September 2015. Thank you to everyone for your belief in connecting and trust that we will discover great effectiveness together!

Join the open networking and discussion group on LinkedIn!

ClinOps Toolkit believes in serving patients through networking with peers

If networking in-person is your thing…

Join almost 300 other active Bay Area ClinOps Pros and meetup with us.  You can network with ClinOps Toolkit before and after every event through our online forums and platforms.

Our next event is Thursday, September 24th in Campbell Ca. We are partnered with Edge Alliance to bring a fun evening of small-group discussion and a moderated panel to answer as many questions as we can and make some great introductions. Join us for free!

Meet your peers in the San Francisco Bay Area

ClinOps Toolkit has partnered with Edge Alliance for OpsEdge networkingSee you soon! -Nadia


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Nadia Bracken, lead contributor to the Lead CRA blog and the ClinOps Toolkit blog, is a Clinical Program Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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