GCP Video Series: Audit and Inspection of Clinical Trials

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In our third interview of the series, Bruno Gagnon prepares clinical trial monitors to assist their sites for an audit and inspection readiness.

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Prepare Clinical Trial Sites for Audit and Inspection

Bruno Gagnon for ClinOps ToolkitWhen monitoring clinical trials, how do you make sure your sites are ready for audit and inspection?  What can they expect when the inspector arrives?  What if they are unsure how to respond to the questions? What if they don’t agree with the inspection findings?

Join Bruno Gagnon, consultant at Xenon Clinical Consulting, Inc. for a discussion of best practices and tips for your next audit and inspection.

Bruno provides a great overview of how CRAs can prepare clinical trial sites for audit and inspection.  Please watch the video here and subscribe for excerpts from the full transcript of our interview.

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Daron Scott, Senior Contributor - ClinOps Toolkit

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