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If you want to help others, you first have to listen

I did not listen

When I was in preschool, I had difficulty hearing.  At first, nobody realized I was struggling to hear.  I just remember how I felt alone when the children wouldn’t play with me.  Swinging in the school yard, other kids ignored me. I know now that I ignored them.

Other children would talk to me but I never LISTENED.  They gave up on trying to talk to “the girl that never listened”.

Since I could not hear and interact with others, I was alone and I did puzzles instead.  Eventually, the preschool staff noticed the issue and administered a series of hearing exams.

I could not really hear

ClinOps Toolkit Nadia

young Nadia’s superpower – Listening!

I would sit in a little booth with headphones while the adults watched me; they kept bringing in more experts to witness!  I felt so smart although the game was terribly boring.  I knew I had to concentrate and I felt nervous.  There were so many tests that I felt convinced I was “the girl with the most amazing hearing!”

It took so long to hear the beeps. I would think about all the puzzles I could solve if I wasn’t spending so much time doing the repetitive tests.

It was hard to pay attention to the tests but I was desperate not to miss a single beep.  I was performing, I had to show them how wonderful I was at the game! I assumed (in error) that I was the best listener they had ever seen.  I was feeling so proud.

I couldn’t wait to see my Mom and tell her about my new superpowerThe world’s best listener! 


Now I can listen

It turns out I could not hear very well. I had a simple surgery to remove my adenoids and place tubes in my ears.  Don’t feel any concern for me, I now hear perfectly well.  I have more than made up for silence as a child by being a very loud adult.


When you can hear, you can connect

The experience of hearing loss as a child shaped who I am and I know exactly how it feels to be left out. In the ClinOps Toolkit community, I have dedicated myself to make sure others ALWAYS feel heard and included.

I am lucky to be able to hear and connect with you every day in my work at ClinOps Toolkit.  Today I think that connecting you to one another is my actual superpower.

I’m Listening Now

ClinOps Toolkit How May We Help You

middle-aged Nadia’s superpower – connecting!

A team of volunteers drives everything we do at the toolkit.  I’ll be introducing that team in May.  We have a lot of opportunities for you to get involved.  If you want to join us in listening and creating great experiences, send a note to [email protected] – anyone can connect with us.

We want to know How MAY we help you?

Today, we are kicking off May by announcing a new blog series.  We are listening everyday for you to let us know what you need.

  • What are you looking for at ClinOps Toolkit that you could not find?
  • What are you struggling with in the Clinical Trials you work on?
  • What kind of videos and blog posts do you want to see?
  • Are you available to chat with me 1:1 on the phone?
  • Can you join a google hangout to tell us about your challenges?
  • How May we Help You?

We are standing by and can’t wait to hear from you in the comments, via email, or on the LinkedIn discussion group (link).  Please let us know how MAY we help you in the month of May?

About The Author


Nadia Bracken, lead contributor to the Lead CRA blog and the ClinOps Toolkit blog, is a Clinical Program Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • RV

    May 4, 2015

    Hi Nadia,

    It is wonderful to see how you have been making this website grow. Thank you so much for all your wonderful posts. At this time I would like to see something on how to prepare for an interview for someone with 5-6 years of experience as a CRA.
    Really appreciate your time and thanks again for all the article.

    Thank you

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