eBook: Clinical Trials Patient Recruiting and Retention (Tips for Success)


eBook: Clinical Trials Patient Recruiting and Retention (Tips for Success)

Mosio is offering a free eBook full of tips for clinical trials patient recruiting and retention. The book is a compiled list of tips and advice from a handful of industry veterans from patient recruitment companies, sponsors and CROs, including ClinOps Toolkit’s own Nadia Bracken.

This eBook is the first in what Mosio hopes to be an annual publication, pooling the ideas of more talented thought leaders to benefit researchers in their patient recruiting and retention efforts during trials.

You can download a free copy at the link below…

Learn Tips and Advice on Patient Recruiting and Retention:

  • Improve systems and processes for more efficient recruiting.
  • 68 tips and advice for sponsors, sites and CROs.
  • Utilize proven methods from clinical research pros.

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About The Author

Noel Chandler

Noel is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mosio, a mobile messaging software company providing solutions in clinical research, increasing the effectiveness of recruiting, retention and reporting in clinical trials.


  • Fifa

    September 27, 2016

    Many thanks, this site is extremely helpful

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  • Nadia


    May 23, 2014

    Noel, thanks for inviting me to participate in this fun project. The illustrations are wonderful and I love the eBook. I hope you will do it again next year – can’t wait to see what Mosio comes up with next! Nadia

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