What is the conference call dial-in number?

What is the conference call dial-in number? Put the Dial-In Information in a Repeating ‘All-Day” Calendar Event
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When it comes to techie tips, I’m a junkie.  Hopefully there is something new for everyone in this weekly series or at least one special “Ah ha, so that is how you do it” when it for Outlook, Excel, Word, Acrobat, etc.

Thanks in advance to Google, my colleagues, and the exasperated IT guys over the years who have all contributed to expanding my geeky knowledgebase.


Early Morning Conference Call?

I hope you’ve had your coffee if you have an early morning conference call. I always have the hardest time locating the dial-in number and remembering the cryptic pin. I’ve tried committing it to memory but it is just too long and random and I always get some digits mixed up. To be prepared for impromptu meetings with remote colleagues, I keep our standard corporate call-in number on a little slip of paper in my wallet, it is programmed into my iPhone, I scribbled it into the notebook I carry around the office, and I have it pinned to my office wall. I even tried storing it in the little post-it note function of Outlook. Somehow though, I never seem to have it handy or pulled up quickly enough when it is time to join or initiate a conference call.

Put the Dial-In Information in a Repeating ‘All-Day” Calendar Event

Then, the other day I caught a glimpse of my co-worker’s Outlook calendar and noticed a very odd and repetitive recurring ‘All-Day’ Event entry.  He keeps the dial-in information there on every single day of his calendar, so handy!

recurring calendar item added

You’ll want to Add a new event,  Be sure to mark your time as ‘Free’ and disable reminders. Select the tick-box for ‘All-Day” event.

dial-in information recurring outlook calendar item

Finally, tell Outlook to make the calendar item repeat daily, forever.

recurring daily meeting

I quite fancy this little timesaver.  When I am sitting at my desk I doubt it will save me any time.  However, when I am still in my PJs, running around the house getting ready in the morning, my laptop isn’t even powered up yet, and I am on the hook for dialing in to a meeting on my iphone, I trust that this calendar shortcut will be very valuable.

More Computer Timesavers Again Next Tuesday

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Nadia Bracken, lead contributor to the Lead CRA blog and the ClinOps Toolkit blog, is a Clinical Program Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • Heather

    August 12, 2013

    Hi Nadia – this is a great blog. I’m enjoying reading it!

    I have another tip for those who have a lot of conference calls and are often on the road and dialing in on a cell when it’s tricky to punch in numbers or codes (while driving/walking etc).

    Add the following into the calendar entry for your call/webinar (I usually add it at the bottom, beneath my signature, so it’s hidden but easily accessible):

    phone number (including area code), then two commas, then the passcode, then a hashtag. It will look like this: +1-800-123-4567,,100100# (+18001234567,,100100# will also work.)

    The commas pause the dialing long enough for the system to be ready to accept the passcode, so you don’t have to type anything in at all. Hope that’s helpful to at least one other person out there – we use this trick all the time at our office!

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