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The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) has a very active chapter in San Francisco, California.  When I first moved to California and wanted to become a CRA, the local chapter assisted me with some helpful connections and networking opportunities.  I learned about a clinical research certificate program through a local university, attended seminars on clinical research topics and issues, and enjoyed various relevant educational events.

I’ve lapsed on my membership, I have not pursued ACRP certification, and I’ve never attended global conference, but I’m still on the mailing list. 😉 Today I was cleaning up emails from the past few weeks (sorry readers, I have been slammed at work and I am over a month behind on correspondence – yikes!) and I noticed that the September Issue of the ACRP professional publication, The Monitor is offered for free online.

The September Monitor magazine topic may be of interest to many of you: Careers in Clinical Research.  It seems to be another terrific edition with a diverse group of authors and every article looks interesting.  Here is a sampling of some of the most relevant articles you can read in this online edition:

and more!

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