3.1 oz Liquids and Gels

As a frequent traveler I have often bought 2 sets of cosmetics and toiletries so I can leave one at home and keep one group packed in my travel bag.  Lately I have been downsizing my liquids and gels even further by just carrying a 2 to 3 day portion in a pill case — I don’t really need 3.1 oz, just a few dabs of whatever product I want (lotion, cream, primer, sunscreen, cleanser, hair gel, etc) so why bring the whole bottle?

Complementary Goodies
If your hotel provides products you like you can leave your full-size products at home and just use the complimentary goodies while on the road.

I’ve heard of other frequent travelers using contact lens cases for this purpose and I have gotten little beauty product sample cases free from the Nordstrom counter and from Sephora.  To transfer the product just use a tiny spoon/spatula or a little transfer pipette (ask your Study Coordinator if you don’t know what this is or where to get one. They use them when they work with some of their lab specimens).  Last night at CVS I noticed some pretty stackable pill cases that should work beautifully.  My Amazon search today reveals that I paid the right price but I see that I didn’t get any extra lids, darn!  I think I might pick up this set from Amazon instead and wanted to share the link.  How cute are these?  I just can’t resist!

BTW, pill cases are also great for storing jewelry when you travel.

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  • Mei Ling

    September 16, 2010

    Hi! Just stumbled upon this site by chance when I was searching for site initiation visits. I’ve just graduated and am looking into going into clinical research – your blog has helped a lot in that sense as I don’t know many people in the field.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Jules

    August 10, 2010

    Thanks for the tip! And you might also want to check out the Container Store (bricks/morter place plus on-line) for tiny containers for products… that’s what I use. They have these very small bottles that hold maybe less than an ounce for liquids and a great pill box with a snap lid for various small items including jewelry or office supplies…

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