You might be a CRA if…

So I am doing a little work this weekend and it reminded me of another email forward I received a while back so I am posting it for you all to enjoy:

You might be a CRA if….
1. You think working on weekends is normal.
2. You have ever used a bathroom on an airplane…to change clothes.
3. Crying babies on an airplane don’t wake you up.
4. You have enough frequent flyer miles and hotel points to take the entire State of Montana on a free vacation.
5. You can pack a week’s worth of clothes in one suitcase.
6. Something beeps or rings on you when the plane lands.
7. Half of your voice messages are from recruiters.
8. You can survive on a diet of peanuts, pretzels and soda.
9. You can recite the ”airline safety speech” verbatim.
10. You silently laugh to yourself when you hear someone at the Atlanta airport say ”I can’t believe we are going to be late again.”
11. You belong to every frequent flyer program and frequent hotel guest program in North America.
12. When it is time for you to buy a new car you don’t have to test drive any because you have rented every type of vehicle available.
13. You know the three letter code for at least 10 North American Airports.
14. When you check in to the hotel the desk attendant says ”Welcome Home.”
15. You spend more time at the airport than you do at your desk.
16. You have two checking accounts…One for your paycheck and one for your expense checks.
17. You change time zones at least 2 to 3 times a week.
18. You get up at 4am to catch a plane for a business trip.
19. You can identify every major US city from 30,000 feet………… night.

These had me in stitches but I can’t immediately see the advantage of number 16. Please weigh in if it makes more sense to you. Let me know if you can think of a clever number 20 to add. I was thinking maybe something like “You know enough acronyms to create your own dictionary.”

I promise to update the blog with more informative and topical posts just as soon as I get caught up with the stuff that pays the bills like finalizing monitoring visit reports and expense reports (I travelled 10 weeks straight with little to no home-office time) so please continue to be patient. 😉

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